Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The missing part

Hearts that beat but one day quieten down Hands that hold then simply let go Paths that meet then are swallowed by distance.
That’s our story. Your face no longer intrigues me. Your voice no longer comforts me. Your memories give no feeling. This is the fate you’ve written for yourself. Just let it go. Let it die. Leave our tale to be remembered in ambiguous words-perhaps we’d like to see it that way.
With this song I wrap up the good and the bad times with the faintest of smiles: not even a fraction of what it used to be!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Chained Up

Thank you Z00nie, Amitken, Mitz, Choas, Anand, Ty, Original Ty, Nimnolith & Wiz. It was lovely to see how u carved out the words. I was really swept by some of the works. I’m putting them up together for u all to see & comment if u like, including my own. Thanks again, love u all.

z000nie Come walk by me, laugh with me and hold my hand... {The story was finished in first sentence itself}
  Mitz Come walk by me make me feel your inner warmth with your gentle, yet firm touch. Let the wind take us down a path unknown and show us the way to the place we know we both want to be. 
 ty Come walk by me right when I am about to rip one so you can hear me giggle and see me give myself a pound and a what what --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  (original ty) Come walk by me blending colors in this gray shaded mistful path, lightly warming the cold breeze of a winter morning. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Nimnolith Come walk by me... through the shadows, mist, by the edges of my sanity...if you dare... You might find this strange but dont walk beside me, cause distance for me is like the air. I´m choking in the crowds of million eyes, in the sreets of plaster filled with dead souls, clowns, human caricatures, brealy living on the real... when I think again stay away because beside me you will lose another part of will die in the chaos of many subreal lifes within me...
Anand "Come walk by me... In the miasma of ambiguity enveloping the shores Come walk by me... In the obscurity of the night bleached by moonlight Come walk by me... In the resonance of splashes of incensed waves Come walk by me... And let the night witness our fading footprints Come walk by me on the sands of life leaving the reminiscence of our existence to be washed away by the tides of time..." ..."
Chaos Come walk by me On this meandering Path. Have we spoken to life? Today? Let’s be together On its Caribbean blue. On skies dark with dew. Come walk by me, So we can be Another world Together. Mists shall dissipate With our coming. Mists shall hide us From prying eyes. Darkness will find A true enemy In both you and me. Come walk by me, On sunbeams And moonbeams; On bubbles of love. Walk by me My heart My love My favourite Form of life!(hehe) Let me bring you joy In a world of steel Let me see your smile Behind that iron mask. Come walk with me, So we can fight The banality of this world Together. Come dearest Walk with me...
AmitKen Come walk by me... It’s good for health. : p "come walk by me i promise we wont get into a race, there'd be no winner or loser. Can we just walk hand in hand, and try to see that horizon? Together. come walk by me."
Wiz Come walk by me in the fields of wizdom [ps. wizdom is not my homeland or my town....or world. ( lol )] 

  Blackempress Come walk by me Let us leave these city lights & find comfort in the arms of silence. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

& lastly Sirbarrett Come walk by me, and lets talk about anything, as we get away from everything, while we wander through it. Come let our legs kick at a pace set by interest, interest in whatever lures you, my dear. I will lead and I will follow, sharply dive and duck. I will not tarry but listen all through the viaducts. Our minds together, and our words a song, pulling us softly through the city. Once we are through, me and you, we may need to stop walking to catch up

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Tag! Ur it!

I'm gonna write the first line & I'd like you to come up with ur version of the remaining story ( can b anything..prose or poem, whatever u like. No restriction of length either. ) I'll put up the resulting works with ur names. Would love to see wat u create! Here goes: " Come walk by me..." Waiting :)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

A fool’s paradise

Here I stand
Just the place where you left me
Clinging to the ghosts of your memories
Desperately seeking any amount of comfort they give
Here I shake In cold sweat of the drugs from your skin
Drained & bare of everything including dignity
No way to return to the roads that we left behind
Your presence deliberately locked me here
 I can still see your victorious smile as you walked away
So sure that you’d won & left me in chains
Here I Stand
In the chains your love bound me in
Foolishly not to escape while the chance remained
Here I stand With little but an addicted mind Intently waiting for another dose of your sweet torture

Monday, September 05, 2005


Here lies ...
...Someone So watch where you are going!

 Tread no more than already trodden!

 Request for electricity still unmet!

 Out to lunch! :D

Dinner at 8.00 See you when you get there!

 Don’t tread! I’ll be waiting for you at the other end

 Please respect this place -It could happen to you too.