Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Not as we

This is our life story. A story about love & bonds, of good times & understanding, mistakes & hopes & most of all learning & leaving. This is the story of how WE split into YOU & ME.

There are no words to express the treasure I held when holding you. There are no words to express the pain I felt when losing you. Yet there was only silence. Silence despite the storm in the sea, emptiness in place of love, anger instead of clarification-let it die. Kill the years, slaughter the memories-forget the past, leave it all behind.

Time distanced us then a storm put us together again then another took us apart.

There are faces you’ve forgotten that are etched on my heart. There are memories that you’ve discarded that I’d taken pride from. Now there is nothing. Nothing to keep together, nothing to say, nothing left to do. Paths are divided. You go your way; I’ll go mine-not as we, but as you & me. Not with pleasant memories but with bitterness & regret. This is our story-a tragedy.