Saturday, June 09, 2012


I am lost on these familiar roads of life
Homeless under the provided shelter
Loveless & forsaken by those called humans
Demons dragged me down under
& I lost track of the way back
Dark, now my chosen abode
Chains, the only faithful friends
My mind occupied with obscene desires
The body impregnated with sins
Only faithless hands lift in senseless prayers
The being's coming to life.

The mirror shattered in punishment for it's lies
A woman could not be a psychotic beast
This inhuman form is a delusion of a failing vengeance
Arms barren but hands hold the crop of spite
Love was a doom set for the naive
I prefer this madness to insipidity
It's a losing war to Satan
Won't call upon God tonight, to witness myself surrender
So come now Death, the soul awaits release from this cripple!