Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Love for a day

If I could love you for just one day I would abandon the world to dedicate every minute to your honor. I would lay all the riches at your feet to make you happy. Oh what a perfect day it shall be!
I would dance with delight to the tune of your laughter. I would fly with the spreading wings of your smile. I would shine with the look in your eyes, staring back at me with their luminous intensity. And their seduction how it invites me to see the hunger of your soul & fill its emptiness with affection.
I would love to love you, the way no one has ever done. To feel you in completion-like body & soul. Your soul in mine so it could blossom like a flower with it's beauty & fragility. What a joy it would be to love you if even only for a day!

I would kiss every inch of your skin till each scar loses it's existence & pain shivers without a place to hide. Let it fade slowly as I breathe your scent to fill my heart, soul & all my senses. I would hold your hand & chant those sacred words to make your heart sing. I would lift you high with compliments & spoil you till blushes replace speechlessness. How it would wax my desire to give more!

That day, I would only listen to the sound of your voice raving bout the stories that captured your gentle heart. I would lay beside you tracing the outlines until my fingers could draw every contour to perfection.

I would stroll with you on the shore & admire those waves of emotion within you. I won't hide my admiration. I wouldn't step away. I would allow you to etch every moment with the signature of your smile or desire.

For the last moment of perfection I would pray upon the night to set a million diamond sky just so you know how priceless you are to me.When the sun would go down, I would watch it set in your eyes, letting it fade like you from my heart.

I would hold you for the final time as I walk down memory lane without you. Down the path we travelled in those precious moments, away from the sights that held your presence, turning deaf ears to the grace of your words as I forsake the scent & feel of your body, removing the contours till they become untraceable. I would erase your name from the door of my heart locking every voice of rebellion within. You would become a stranger as I drain your soul out of mine & simply turn so your enticement wouldn't charm me again.

I would push you away, out of my life abandoning all but an extinct memoir. With that I would leave your conceited love & return to my life unknowing the pleasure so I may never wish for another day to love you again.