Monday, October 29, 2007

When I Grow up

Sounds familiar doesn't it? There would probably be no one who hasn't said this as a child. It's true that childhood & adolescence is invincible. It's so easy to dream to touch the sky even though its untouchable & like those dreams is really an illusion.

Time passes so fast that one day you grow old & feel that there’s little left to do. Remember how we felt when we were kids? We were so invincible. The world seemed like a globe on the palm of the hand.

“I can conquer anything” the heart spoke.

A thousand dreams weaved without realizing that barely a few would touch reality. But there was so much faith in them. Age, brought wisdom with it. Adolescence dawned & the invincibility lessened:

“I can’t conquer the world, but maybe a part of it”

2 decades down:

“I can’t conquer the world so let me do something in my society”

2 & half decades:

“I’m lucky if I can do something for myself & my family.”

Beyond that the dream list shortens while the disappointment list lengthens. There’s nothing anyone can do. Some fortunate ones stand where they intend on standing since younger years but most collect the remains of their shattered dreams to dump them in the trash-can of reality.

Still it’s sweet to hear those words spoken by children perhaps one of the lot may achieve part of the grand picture.