Friday, July 20, 2012

Dark Obsession

Here I am, ready to give all I have for that moment of oneness with you.  My insecurities behind me, I am prepared to take the sacred journey into the realm of emotions.  Knock down my fortress with your passionate weaponry then undress yourself of this useless armor.  It only serves to hide our immaculacy. Let us lose every ounce of humanness & surrender without a doubt.

I want to abandon this absurd world & indulge in your mysterious crux.  I want to dance till I'm intoxicated with temptation. Let me feel you till every pore emanates your fragrance. I want to hold you against my soul. I will heal, protect & melt into your formless mold filling every inch with spiritual ecstasy.  Let the rupture of seduction rhythm us through the motions.  Drown your worries into my passion & be born anew, my fearless warrior.  Reveal to me your darkest secrets & revel in your magnificence. I care for nothing but to stand unafraid & unashamed in this glorious flame of romance.

Avert those alluring eyes from the insanity of the mundane life. Let’s escape into a world where bodies, beats & breaths have no existence.  Let not our relationship be measured by name, time or distance. Allow the ocean of our sensations subjugate any restriction between us.  I am love & you are the object of my affection.  Be in no hurry, I want to relish you till I’m drunk. This insatiable hunger is like an addict's craving & your drug is just not enough.

Dread not the shadows world for the light will shine for us. There shall exist nothing but You & I in absolute perfection.  Rekindle this devotion for all life-times to come.  Let no tide break us apart, not even death.  With its kiss shall we begin our inseparable union.

Fill me till my existence merges into yours & there is nothing but our souls dancing into infinity. Live in me while I live in you. Relent all reason & just be my Obsession.