Saturday, July 15, 2006

Page from My Diary

I watched out the window as the bus sped across the bridge. I stared at the buildings & remembered something that had predicted that loads of places & people would pass out of my life as a result of maturation.I thought that I was mature enough. Well, all kids think that they’ve grown up even though it takes more time than they think to attain that maturity level.

I watched one building pass by followed by another & thought:

“This is the way everything would pass from my life.”

A scary thought I assure you when you view it all being left behind at high speed. That’s what life is, really isn’t it? Relative! My yesterday would be someone’s tomorrow. All the people I leave behind would someday be with new people in new places.But for me it would be ‘old’.

Over time I have come to admire people who are able to maintain their old sweeties & friends. I always thought that I was amongst them but looking at my life today, there is no one of my past with whom I share a mutual feeling. Either they have left me or I had left them. At the most there was no connection despite the presence.

When I look at my present, I do harbor some fears concerning the future. There are things that I want to hold on to. There are people I want to throw out of my life, yet I would never try. Then the thought of actually giving them up is tearing.But then that's the way things work isnt it?

U win some, U lose some!

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