Saturday, November 10, 2007

Learning the ropes

After seeing the way people function, I really regard the fact that I was born in a house where there was a super talented person like my mother. Honestly I’ve never seen another of her kind. People are creative & talented in many fields but never seen anyone who could handle anything from home deco to medicine, accounts & plumbering.

My mom is someone who’s popular for her choice in stylish dressing personally from clothes to jewels to home styling from drapery to cutlery. She always knows the right time for the right thing.

The more time I spend with her the more impressed I am. There’s nothing she can’t handle. At those times I feel handicapped while personally I am talented in many fields but nothing like mom. I don’t know what to do when handed a couple of flower stems to arrange. I’m clumsy with the sanitary fittings. I can’t properly garden. I can’t stitch a pillow. She can do everything to do with spades, needles, machines, pipes, make-up, screwdrivers, words, paints, flowers, tapes, medicines & injections. WOW!

I’ve always been saying “Mom, you’re a genius!”

Once upon a time I used to think that anyone can look good or do well if they had good material. I was so wrong. Now I see people who have amazing things & don’t know the way to use them. Instead of looking good, they look pathetic.

I remember the same woman correcting me when I couldn’t pronounce Biology. It was the same person who taught me the names of things I didn’t know. I still remember watching a news reporter in green & I said to mom “I like the stuff she has on her eyes. What’s it called?”


You know the thing that makes her really beautiful? Besides being a natural stunning beauty, she has a heart of gold. She’s down-to-earth, ready to give a hand to anyone anywhere. She’s praised in her in-laws more than anyone. She’s praised in her family. She’s the best mother ever. Did I mention she’s an amazing cook? No wonder, she just got another request to make lunch for someone again!!!

Mama, you’re the most beautiful person ever born. Thank God for You!

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