Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Love in the Stars

Look at the constellation in the sky
See the yearning grow as she approaches her awaiting lover
Kept apart by time & distance
Hear her stories of searching for his affection in other companions in vain
Craving to be united with the only one,
See the flames of romance rise as they meet eye-to-eye in absolute surrender
Unconcerned for conventionality or worldly demands
Nothing mattered except their union of bliss
'Come hither lover, let us no longer shy. We'll celebrate our sentiments across the galaxy. Let those who watch, long for our kind of liaison'
Dreamy eyed he answers to every fantasy of her mind
Reawakening the passion she had forgotten in his absence
Her secrets & timeless ideals warm & guarded under his armor
In faithless submission they opened their hearts & let their feelings perfect the moment
Etching their ecstasy on the heavens to be remembered forever!


Russell Duffy said...

Oddly, my star sign is Mars and I rather like Venus.

BlackEmpress said...

Your sun sign is Aries? That's what Mars rules. :)