Saturday, July 16, 2005

Time lapse

I called an old friend today. There really was no need to talk. Perhaps it was a test for the mind & heart to see if the pain still lingered.

The tone continued twice, thrice then a familiar voice answered. It had taken courage to reconnect after ages. Was it good to hear the sound? Not particularly-just strange. Time already gone had its own tale. Today was a different story. There was a lot of time lapse-too much missed & neither side was willing to bridge the distance. The past was buried. Pain never mentioned. Feelings now hollow. It was just a mastery of the mind to keep extending the conversation. The will to share was gone. In reality only strangers who’d met at some cross-road: Strangers who had held & consoled each other at one time.

Age brought along its tides of change. Who’d know who we are now? We were accustomed to pretense back then; reverting back to it even now was nothing new. Charm fades & values deplete; all that remain from a life so sweet are memories- or not even those.

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