Saturday, December 10, 2005

Tender Moments Isnt it beautiful, when someone you love, gets you the thing you've had ur eyes on since sometime, especially when you least expect to ever get it! At the present moment I have the not-so-new yet my favourite( mark-the only Nokia set)Mobile in my hand & yet it seems like a dream. I didnt get it. I wanted to but I really didnt even think of it due to the cost. I am attracted to, as well as scared, of expensive things. Reasons Of it I'll skip. Anyways, I always admired it from the distance but a day back my sister surprised me by giving it to me as a gift. No birthday, no graduation... nothing! She was celebrating her love for me! I was so touched. I was kindda ambivalent due to the attachment to the old Sony Erricson of mine(me being a fan of it). But then the thought behind the effort & especially the cost of getting a gift out of her own pocket(which I assure u is a big thing for someone on pocket money esp when its a big price!) & then just the fact that it was my favourite person's love made me so excited with the new piece. IF that wasnt enough she wrote a long letter for me expressing her admiration & sentiments. To make it perfect she added a card to the whole thing. Then last but not the least she drew a big smiley That said "Keep smiling because I love you." Absolutely adorable! To me she is & will always b a kid no matter how old she gets-still the child of my heart. Shy as we are, I sent her a text : "That was the sweetest & most laughable letter I've ever gotten. Thanks :) Love u baby. You'll always be my sweet baby sissy!" She replied: " melted this ole heart of mine. THanks :)" Both of us dont fall for just anything but when it comes to us both, there's an extra soft spot. At times like these, I really know that I am blessed! Thanks sis, U're the best :)

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