Sunday, June 17, 2007

The rift

“The subconscious's voice keeps reverberating in my head saying "I’m wrong, yea I’m wrong!"
I know that its foolishness to hang on your dreams. I know that in your world I’m a faceless person but on my side I can still recall the way u looked & how u talked. Maybe you're really only a fantasy stuck in my head…But you're the only stranger I’d ever wanted. You’re the only man in my life that I’d prayed for. What else can I do? I can’t give up my pride when I already feel that the ball's in your court. I can’t fight my ego. If you'd asked I’d have given any thing you'd desired, but u never gave me a chance.
Songs have created an imprint of your face that I can’t forget. Ask & you will not be refused. But you ask not.
Leave this tormented heart to beat on its own. Take these nostalgic memories & illusions.
Beautiful stranger you have created a rift in my heart.”

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