Sunday, June 17, 2007

Whole new World

Recently we went on the mission of vaccinating children against Polio in Pakistan undertaken by WHO. Poliomyelitis is disease caused by a virus that can damage the nervous system and cause paralysis. But there’s a good side to it, vaccine is available & the disease can be prevented. Due to widespread vaccination it has been nearly eradicated from US but it remains a problem in the many underdeveloped countries of the world.

The experience was unforgettable. Walking down the lanes with goats & people it was really a new sight. One doesn’t really see anything living in the usual routine, but stepping out to a new world makes you realize everything that you’ve been blessed with that so many people have no inkling of.

There were no roads in the community we attended. The houses were not built of cement & cloth was used for the doorway though there were wooden doors in most of them. Naked children ran around on the sandy walkways. The place was packed with people, many were really hospitable. Doctors were respected & generally welcomed, which was favorable for us.

The most touching part of the whole event was how strong the interaction was between the neighbors. When we started it seemed like a huge feat, especially with the temperature hitting 40’C. But bit by bit it became easier.

Some kids were difficult but others were cooperative. Many of them surprisingly joined the team & helped us locating the houses with children <5>

There were some real beauties hiding behind the ugly houses. There was a world in a big town. People lived busy in their own activities having none of the luxuries we consider utilities. Kids weren’t playing X-box but with bricks & stones & enjoying equally.

The best part of the experience was to know another side of life & satisfaction came from knowing that those tots & kids would not suffer in the hands of the nasty virus.

Life really is beautiful.

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