Saturday, April 30, 2005

Graveyard story

(This was the original writing, couldn't resist sharing it. I liked this better even though the other one went with the 'my immortal' lyrics better) She ambled down the graveyard with a lost expression on her face. she tried counting the reasons to live now, failing the attempt. She wanted to break down & cry but the intensity of the pain detached her from life & she felt numb; even to her own body. His agile, lithe body bounced infront of her eyes that registered nothing in the present. His sparkling eyes &wide grin lighted her own. The illusion vanished & she found herself once more in the graveyard.she turned around to have a last look at the little grave, adorned with the fresh pink flowers. Beneatht he same soil were her own joys & dreams buried. Her world that was once colorful was suddenly bleak. She entered her door & his photos surrounded her on all 4 walls. His image danced around her. Just a few hours ago he'd been running in the same halls that were now darkened. Where once he'd given her the incentive to breath & dream, was now the place where his memories haunted her.

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