Thursday, April 21, 2005

Memorable moment

I stood atop the highest peak I could find. One part of my life was over, for which I was grateful. I’d been through as much manipulation as had been loved. Sometimes miracles happen, this was one. I felt so light despite knowing that in another part of the town someone else was crying.

<>I sighed, out of relief & maybe some heartache. Nevertheless I was easy.

I opened my eyes to find the sun setting. The skies were a resplendent splash of violets, oranges & pinks- a rare combination but the most spectacular view possible. Naturally the remains of my feelings dissolved as I watched the colors merge & the darkness make its way in.

The wind blew & I let my hair loose to let them beat with the breezes. My folded arms relaxed as I put them into my pockets. My tensed face smoothed into a pensive but calm state.

The last of the scarlet reminded me of the recent fight. It was the shade of blood. We’d bled together, I recalled the way you’d seared my skin with glass in your lusty rage. It still haunted me.

The pink reminded me of my first sip of champagne, on our date-your eyes intently grazing at me while I lifted the glass to my lips.

Orange was the curtains you had put in your studio, where we’d endless photography sessions of me, followed by hours of love-making.

The seeping moonlight reminded of the white dress I wore at the last dance, the way you held me by the arms to take a look at it. How you constantly sought excuses to caress my neck with your lips! You said you loved the floral scent of my perfume. It was one of the best of times.

Black was the cloud setting on our lives now. The sky had painted the whole story in a short time. I wore black too-celebrating the funeral of our lives.

I had no regrets for it to be over. There was no going back. We’d a great time, good times as well as bad. We’d been through so much together. But it was time to abandon what only caused pain & bitterness now.

There’d be someone else for the two of us. Perhaps in another life, if we could patch up our flaws we’d survive. In this lifetime, our places weren’t together. I belonged to someone else-perhaps Nature. I had always been identified with the wind-perhaps I was. I wish you enough love that you’d make it through this life & take a bow to pursue my life in peace.

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