Sunday, May 01, 2005

About the people we call Friends

A best friend is great because you have:

  • Someone who’ll listen to you almost anytime of the day, without complaining that you whine too much( otherwise You’ll say that to them on their turn)
  • Someone who wouldn’t mind hearing the most disgusting things you did (even if they’re disgusted themselves-it’s gossip)
  • Someone who’ll cheer you up if you’re down (so what if you’re blue, they’re in a good mood!)
  • Someone who’ll be there when you need someone (hint: they want you to do the same for them)
  • Someone who’ll value you for who you are (no choice, they don’t want to change either).
  • Someone who’ll never really forget you, wherever they go ( If they get caught they’ll need someone dependable to bail ‘em out)
  • Someone who’ll thrive in your success (of course, they get part of it too)
  • Someone who’ll remember to wish you on your birthday (they don’t want to miss the party nor be forgotten on their days)
  • Someone who’ll stand by your side through thick & thin (I wonder what the ‘thick’ & ‘thin’ refer to??? Must be the weight issue!)
  • Someone who knows what food you like (makes sure they get that before you decide on something more expensive)
  • Someone you could call in the middle of the night & tell about your gf/bf trouble( they don’t want to miss the spicy stories)
  • Someone you could share any part of your life with (it’s over, they won’t have to deal with the trouble again, hopefully)
  • Someone who would keep your secrets (recheck definition of secret; once said is no longer a secret plus they’re not telling you who they told!) On the brighter side, you’ll always have someone by your side. That’s great itself.
(No offense meant to anyone. My own friends are PRECIOUS to me.)

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