Saturday, May 07, 2005

Small Tokens of Appreciation that matter!

It was my parent’s 26th wedding anniversary a few days back. Their anniversary has been the most important day of the year for ages to me. It gives me the opportunity to appreciate them as one because I feel a bit of discrimination on birthdays. This time it's equal for both so saves me the guilt of leaving the other one out. Since a few years I've tried to come up with a new idea EVERY YEAR to surprise them. I always feel it becomes little more important & meaningful if it's unexpected. I've always loved surprises. So even though I don’t get them myself I do try to give them to those close to me. Last year...silver Jubilee-we (me & my siblings) planned a big party at the hotel they were married in (though another spot would've saved us money & served better food). Nevertheless we kept the sentiments & gave the memories a newer meaning. They weren't just surprised, they were shocked! But it turned out great, with all their friends & all our friends. This year I wanted to change the routine of decorating the hall outside their bedroom in the middle of the night so they wake up to find a place ready for a party with balloons& party spray & gifts. No fudged cakes either. The surprise for this year was to 'have no surprise'. It becomes a routine & expected so, break the cycle. The theme of this year was "26" but didn't carry it out to the end. I decided to get 26 cards & that was bout it. We wrote special messages in them from their 1st year of marriage till now-one for each year. A milder reincarnation of last years photo album-with 25 years photos together covering all the years in approximately 45pictures. This was a light year-nothing too fancy. Designed the cards in the form of 26 & left em on the table outside & came home from work to find them decorated with ribbons on my parent’s cupboards. Sweet! This is what I call a creative family. My parents surprised us with jewelry & watches as gifts last year. This year it was a nice quiet dinner. It really pays off to be a wonderful little family. Do a little & it come back; Life’s small meaningful pleasures.

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