Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Stroll On the Shore

The night was cold & humid. A soft breeze blew through the city. They walked down the shore with their hands in their pockets. They enjoyed the moments they shared. The moon was high & the tides were low. The waves rolled at the shore & slide silently into the sands. The moon made the tides glitter with the light. They ambled with their gaze low. An unfaltering smile danced on their lips. For a moment they stopped & it felt like forever when she looked into his deep blue eyes. Those ocean blue eyes that appeared tired & cold were warm & aglow that night. The sea reflected in them. He smiled down at her innocent face, spell-bounded by the beauty held in them. The moon-lit eyes appeared a hazy shade of silvery-gray. The wind tossed about their hair. The moment merged the two souls into one. They became the tides & its winds; with the friendship of a lifetime & a promise of forever.

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