Monday, June 13, 2005


Do you believe in love at first sight? Yea baby, I do. Been there! Done that! I ain’t talking about the people who look at one-fall in love (make that lust) & repeat the pattern 2000 times over again. I'm talking about that fatal attraction at the first instance that only grows into real love with time. It’s a strange sort of a click that happens in your brain.

You need to be close-just to reconfirm. Unknown kinds of forces push & pull between you till you finally give in.

It continues as you find excuses to stick together & unconsciously can't keep your eyes off this new person. You want to impress them & they do the same to you. There's a need to relate to "that" person time after time. There is the person you find your reflection so sharply in. Here before your eye is the person you want to be close to. This is the inevitable romance that your heart waited all those damned years for & it says...this is your person! Have you ever felt the tingling under the skin; the butterflies in the tummy when he or she looked your way?

Did you deep inside pray that they'd go on looking & find something as valuable in you as much as you found in them. There you stood hoping that when the time comes you’d be the lucky one who’d be picked out from the crowd.

And remember the feeling when the hand gently brushed against your arm. That rush of emotions-the deeply stirring touch that roused a thousand latent emotions! It was the delicate way the fingers moved about that made the heart skip a beat. It was in the smile & the eyes that spoke volumes without a word. It was there in the way he or she spoke or gazed.

If you recall, you know it’d happened to you whether you were the love skeptic or the romantic, you know that once in your life love held you prisoner- you were lucky!

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