Monday, June 06, 2005

Love- Madness

I knew that this would happen. I knew that this was love from the surge of the weird desires. I knew it was a mistake to let even the thought of you seep through my senses. I didn’t think that they would sweep over & take control of all of me. I was short-sighted. There’s a miracle in your hand that cured all ails of mine. I was running around tangled in my own chains & soul searching in the ashes of memories. You took my hand & freed me. Since that time I have been a fool for you. I’ve been running from you at every corner but your shadows follow me everywhere. I tried to run at the turn of the corner but even as I turned to check if I’d lost you- there you stood right in front of my eyes. As always your smile won me over. The softness of your face always captivated me & I found myself in love again.

I knew I was sinking in quick sand & no matter how hard I tried to stay afloat I could only go down. I suppose that’s what they call love. I ain’t blind, I assure you. I know that I act absurd, but don’t all lovers know that? I worship your memories. I worship the ground beneath your feet. You look my way & I try to hide the love in vain. I am so trapped & I’m happy to be your prisoner. I’d gladly bear the torment you bestow upon me with the mere thought that you give me attention. Its crazy isn’t it?

I’ve tried to chase you from my mind but I see only you wherever I look. I search for you in my happy moments & I want to reach to you when I’m down. I am self-sufficient but where does that sufficiency go when you’re around? Why is it like wild fire when my eyes catch that unmistakable glimpse of you? You color my dreams. You trail me by the moonlight. Each song is filled with the music of your thought. Every sentence I speak is diseased with your influence. If I could erase a part of my mind I’d erase all that holds your name. But then my life would fade out like the painting with the color extracted. My life is beautiful because you are part of it. You are the object of my desire that makes me feel the love that I feel. You are my love, even if it kills me it would be the sweetest trip into eternity.

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