Sunday, August 28, 2005

Final time

The final folding of the clothes

I watched leaning against the doorway

Hard to believe that time had actually passed by

Did we ever meet?

How long had it been?

It felt like years & then…

Perhaps never.

I wanted to tell you that I loved you

But I knew you were aware

I would miss everything about you

I had accepted that,

At least to myself

A friendly, tearless goodbye.

Nothing left to say

Emotions stifled,

The good & bad quietly stashed away

Everything seemed vain at the instant

The truth would seep soon.

Glancing over my shoulder for the last time

At the epitome of grace, I sighed

A part I preferred leaving unnamed for so long,

Flickered like the remains of a burnt out candle.

But I blessed my stars for a wonder in my life

Having no clue of where time would leave us

I took my first step towards freedom &

My prison of silence.

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