Thursday, August 04, 2005

Pure Ecstasy

Silent Majesty

That’s the only word to describe the thrill that rushes through my body like electricity when I catch the glimpse of that “silent beauty”. I always fantasized standing atop the highest peak with my arms wide open to the sky & my head thrown back to feel the breeze on my face. I was in love with the rocks from the moment I saw the first person sitting on one in some photograph.

Now years older & having experienced the thrill of rock-climbing & hiking I’m still excited like an awed child looking at something fascinating for the first time. The immediate feeling is like the spirit awoken from deep down. There’s an adrenaline rush & I want to just throw a rope to the top & climb up. Strangely I get a maternal feeling from them. I feel like putting my arms around the whole of the mountain & hugging it. I want to caresse the side appearing like velvet covered with the trees & bushes. I want to dive in the cold rivers rushing through its banks. I know there’s no chance of survival with the wild rocks beneath its swooshing waves but that doesn’t stop me wanting to take a dip. They give me life even when my spirits are low. Water gives me a deep feeling. I don’t mind shivering in the chilling waves. I feel my own depth within them. I don’t know how else to say it. It calms me down. It takes away my worries. I feel at home.

The mountains with their majesty stand proud to symbolize strength & ambition. The most dangerous turns don’t scare me. Neither the bumpiest rides nor the toughest rocks make me change my mind. I want to go on & I do. The snow & wind can make me shiver but cannot bar my way. No landslide or an avalanche could scare me away. So I call it love. It’s the most remarkable feeling unlike any other. It says nothing; just quietly stands glowing in its glamour. It’s a refreshing sight to view the trees & flowing waters surrounded by different kinds of rocks. Someone with no love for adventure might tell you that “you see one mountain. You’ve seen them all.” No sir! Not to me. Every rock has its own size, color, texture & shape. Not only that they all have different values. I found pieces of limestone amongst the other rocks. I have a collection of them now that I cherish like jewels. To me they are. I could spend hours quietly admiring Nature. There’s peace in it yet not destroyed by the human hands nor selfish like the human heart.

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