Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Whole Soul story

There's a big change happening & I only seek a refuge within my universe till all the walls have fallen & the storm has passed. Dreams have died & hopes are attending their funeral. All my life I called out to those I thought were around only to hear the echoes of my own voice saying "Can you help me?"

 Sometimes the sound made me sad, sometimes it left me feeling forlorn but otherwise it gave me a sense of independence. It made me realize that I was strong. It evoked the feeling of a survivor. The voice inside said: "You were made to survive. You were born to survive & so you shall!" "This is your universe for you to discover. You are free to do as you will. There is no one timing so go ahead take your time & learn whatever you can on the way. It is you alone to find your path where there is no judge except you. Let your mind be your guide."

 It was an prideful position but then insecurity decided to pay a call asking "What if I can't make it on my own? What if I lose my way or need some help? Can't I find any support?" Then the provident voice inside spoke: "Should you need someone, I'll always be here."
 I smiled knowing that I would never be alone again.

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