Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Everlasting Dance

(Man) There you go stealing my heart away
Leaving me stranded with this feeling within
Here I’m restless & you’ll never know why
You don’t even see me as you walk on by.

  (Woman) In a thousand faces I’ve searched for you 
Looking for love that’s lasting & true
 But all I see are stranger’s faces 
You disappear without leaving your traces. 

I want to live through magic for a while
Dance with the beauty with the dazzling smile
 I want a moment in the final dance
Young Belle, hold me in your trance!

  I’ve dreamt of this night a million times 
I’ve practiced every syllable & every rhyme 
At times I feel some feet on the ground
 But there are only strangers when I turn around! 

What’s this deadly game that you play?
Your smile steals my heart away
Look my way just one time
I’ve waited all my life to call you mine.

Am I dreaming or are you flesh & bone? 
That look was my imagination, I could’ve sworn 
You’re dancing there so carefree 
I can’t believe that you’re smiling at me! 

I’ll deny the world for a dance with you
You’re the brightest rose amongst the chosen few
An amazing beauty walking with such grace
A heavenly goddess from another place.

  Is that affection I see?
 Or is my mind playing tricks on me? 
I can feel some feet on the ground I love this feeling of being held spell-bound! 

How do I present myself to this creature so fair?
There must be something special to invite her near
I want the final dance or I’ll never be content
Give me a chance, just for a moment.

  Handsomer than ever you stand afar 
Fulfillment of a fantasy is what you are 
Surely there haven’t been such intensified charms 
But why are there ever changing partners in your arms? 

So finally you look my way
Your beauty numbs me with nothing to say
I wish I could tell you the way I feel
You must be an angel or something unreal.

  I wanted this moment as I never did before
 Make this dance everlasting & I’d ask for nothing more 
Let it be no one else when the music comes to an end 
I’ll be your partner, your ever cherished friend. 

I’ve waited for this moment as long as I could remember
 A sincere heart & a love so tender
The music will play as long as you dare & this dance will last forever as long as you are there.

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