Monday, March 21, 2005

The Promise

Silence echoes within these walls.Between each echo I try to call your name. My lips part to speak but no words come. How could it? I do not know your name yet. There’s a halo of emotions surrounding me. There’s hollowness within. I want to bridge the distance keeping me apart from myself. Through prayers yet unanswered I await your arrival. I do not know your face but instinctually I will know it’s you. The aura of the purest love would suffice.
There’s so much the mind has suppressed to avoid pain. Mine’s the faces that change constantly to hide from strangers-The masks I choose to protect myself. You dwell in my soul & your thoughts vitalize me. I’m a prisoner, till your love would release me. Only time keeps us apart.
I can feel you, Within these shadows, You've given me feelers for love. Every entity mirrors your existence, It’s your presence that colors these skies above. Life would glow in its hues when your soul joins mine. I heard you swear, Then I swore too, Ours is a promise of many lifetimes.

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