Thursday, March 31, 2005

Life After Love

(A dialouge between two girlfriends after one loses her lover)

Loneliness is a friend so easy to keep

When the hurt sinks soul-deep

The heart learns to rely on its only friend

& the mind distrusts the mortals & starts to pretend.

Mortal minds are the same only thinking alters

& when the heart is wounded trust does falter

But given time the wound heals & trust can be regained

Loneliness is no friend & only encourages to feign.

Feigning is easier than opening a wounded soul

Loneliness can make a person whole

Broken trust takes time to revive

By then the heart finds other means to survive.

Survival of the fittest comes natural to all

But the heart should learn to stand after a fall

Giving up hope is no way to live

To get the best, requires the best to give.

Hearts are prone to play silly games

A new game opens & nothing stays the same

One heart broken is one piece lost

The loss of another-the higher the cost.

The cost gets higher that’s for sure

From such skirmishes no heart is secure

But itself the heart must learn to mend

& not shatter to pieces as it usually tends.

Love lies in words but lesser in deeds

Its love that makes the heart bleeds,

A promise of love & that’s how the story goes

A new passion & that’s the end of the vow.

Everything has it’s time to go

One performance over & its time for the next show

There’s a lot to give for alittle gain

& the heart must be strong enough to learn to live again.

Dreams are for the day & tears for the night

Thrown into the pits after exalted to such heights

How could the heart then learn to trust?

When after hovering the skies it’s thrown onto the dust.

Love needs time to develop if it has to live long

Even the wings of a bird take time to grow strong

First they learn & then they fly

Similarly faith & trust grow as time goes by.

The pain of some wounds is too much concealed

It hurts the pride to know it could be revealed

It’s not instantaneous but recurs time after time

& when encountered with its source, reaches its prime.

Wounds can heal if they are exposed

Nothing can affect what is closed

There can’t be any heroes without any call

Then how can they know when there is a fall?

Why take the chance when the end is the same?

Why risk a lifetime to guilt & blame?

Arrival of the right one might take years

Is that really worth all the tears?

What are years compared to a lifetime of bliss?

Every sacrifice quashes when matched with this

Why feel sorrow or guilt if love turns out wrong?

There’ll be greater love when the right one comes along.

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