Saturday, March 05, 2005

Life’s little canvas

Toxic blood runs in the veins
The celiac plexuses hold a minor pain
A weak smile to convince that it didn’t matter
Wisdom killed the hope that could shatter.
 Had known the truth all along
Struggled to save it despite being wrong
 Had it been deep, it would’ve felt different inside
In reality only found a place to confide.
 Knew own demands to be too high
So at every corner turned & said goodbye
Aware that none could fulfil the need
So why bother to make the heart bleed?

 Never wanted to be loved the wrong way
Lived by the principles, come what may
Despite it all, was misunderstood over & over again
Life offered nothing from going insane.
Just alittle difficulty in taking a few breaths
Vain it’d be to even call upon death
These prayers were said to be left unheard
Needed no one to encounter the absurd.

Words were all that could convince
Wanted to reach out to no one who’d wince
Would take someone strong to bear the truth
But these eyes would remain searching beyond youth.
The past hazed like water colors spread out
Could never grasp what life was about
Let people live with wrong to avoid the fuss
Gave up today what would be just another blot on the canvas.


Mistress of Magic said...

what can i say ? i am floored by ur writing.. *applauds*

Blackempress said...