Monday, March 14, 2005

Lifting The Curtain

She’s the magician, the hidden beauty, flowing gracefully out of the dark alley with a stream of pale light behind her. She’s cloaked in black with her face hooded & lowered. She steps silently like air. She has no voice. Her throat partially displays an adornment of gold that symbolizes that she can afford luxuries. Every inch of her redefines elegance. Her hands are her only feature allowed to be viewed.
She’s not the dark maiden that she’s mistaken for, by her name. Her fair fingers are long & somewhat pointed at the top. Her long nails are glowing white, untouched by the modern paints. She holds her hand between the fingers & thumb of the other-gently & gracefully like descending fog. She leaves the alley to her black stallion awaiting her with the long, shiny black mane, a creature like her self-sturdy & grand.

She’s gentle, natural & detached possessing the knowledge unshared by others. She knows the world but the world knows her not. . She is a symbol of beauty, elegance& mystery; the keeper of secrets; the holder of mystical powers. She’s the mistress of darkness as she mounts her stallion & rides off into the unknown, softly like the breeze, as quietly as she came. After all she was only half mortal & half shadow!

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