Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Unveiling Beauty

Dedicated to Sabs It wasn’t like it was new-had been social since long but this seemed like a suitable match. No one could deny that it was seemingly torn by conflicts, yet there was unbelievable attraction. I thought it wouldn’t last. Funny as it turned out to be that similarities were on war. It was thought-provoking. The mere notion that here was someone who appeared so different yet displayed the same colors was fascinating in itself. I spent like 22 years walking the same streets & had also met my lost twin on the way but this was far more fun. I always enjoyed deciphering difficult personalities, especially the discrepancies in nature. I had a love for discovering what people tend to conceal. I was quick to notice the qualities that were similar to mine in whoever they appeared. This was a different case. It took time. Not much of my nature to wait around for things to show. This was a case of breaking a precedent & without regret.

 It was amusing to watch different roles in one person at a particular time. Here were feet that altered grounds as smoothly as foam on the tides. I called it fluidity & when I should’ve hated MY quality exhibiting in someone else, I loved it. I would never claim to be good at playing games but I was amused by observing contestants at their crafty sport. I’ve always marveled at some people’s talents for “tackling” others. I suppose we all have that to some limit in us. I discovered depth-something I was longing for since ages. Any area I tried laying a finger on just sublimed into a multihued bubble-like mass before vanishing without a trace. The fantasy was too exciting. I wanted to touch & explore it before it drifted into thin air. I didn’t get opportunities like it too often. Anything to rouse my intrinsic qualities was inviting. I wanted so badly to know ME that I treaded into unwelcome grounds to discover it. When a mental challenge waited, it was too tempting to refuse. I had to at least try shifting things around & put the pieces in the correct order. I really wasn’t the puzzle person but nevertheless could at least conjure the type of piece that’d fit, if not the real thing. I’d use any means to get my answers which could be anything from my imagination or music to philosophy. I’ve always believed that every lock has a key. If there shall exist one, I should get it. Pretty adamant attitude don’t you think? Surely one you’d admire to know. Just the unlocking was exhilarating & became far more rewarding if consisted of some gems. It wasn’t that behind every lock there was a treasure; at times it consisted of aged soot. The experience was crushing. But some locks held treasures beyond imagination. I knew the secret of life-treasures were well guarded. Remember the pearl shell, the butterfly’s cocoon or the diamond in the ore, even the rainbow was covered by clouds. The greatest beauty was always hidden. I learnt that early. I, being of vivid imagination longed for fancy. I couldn’t blame myself for being in love with the obscure. I’d already had an affair with “touch me & I’ll disappear”, it was unlikely that I’d miss the chance to date “touch me but you can’t”. I could see solid feet but never knew how well they’d transform. My dreams came true. Illusions in real life! Someone prevent me from falling in love! I’d been pathetic at resisting temptation.

I wanted a prospect to learn how to hold the intangible. Impossible was a word I’d removed from my lexicon. So it was a challenge dancing before my eyes. No matter how hard I tried to resist, it haunted me. I was starving for glory. I needed it now, more than ever. I couldn’t avert my eyes from something so rare. Uniqueness was another one of my weaknesses including originality. Wild horses wouldn’t have driven me away from this situation. I had to just learn to hold on long enough to see beyond the film of colors. The assignment required patience & skill. To exacerbate the task the entire scene witnessed a performance of various transformations. A mesmerizing show indeed, but equally perplexing. The thrill remained. Slowly consistent efforts started producing results. One by one the colors separated & became comprehensive, yet some continued to blend & alter. I watched in awe, enjoying each entity as it deserved-some more some less. I was delighted at my discovery & proud of myself for taking the time.

 Some things are well worth waiting for. This was one of them. Life is full of amazing discoveries. Who’s really expecting to come across such lovely creatures when they dive into those deep oceans? It’s spell-binding the things they find thousands of feet away from the human eye. It’s not that they hit upon something valuable every time. They do return disappointed too. So with effort, discovery & disappointments are a part of life. I’d my share of that in the past. My imagination didn’t result in regret, which was creditable for me. I had high hopes & didn’t fancy letting them shatter to the ground. I consider myself lucky for being given this opportunity. For once I not only found an interesting pursuit but it’d been a time of training as well as learning. There are lessons to learn from all that we come across. I made the most of what I’d been granted. It was one of those walks of life that I’d remember & always cherish. It was a time well-spent. Strolling along the road I lifted my face to behold an attractive soul. I witnessed an indefinable beauty that transcended physical measures, by simply looking into a face of a woman.