Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Border of love

Should I glow or should I cry?
 How’d this happen & I wonder why?
How did the laughter touch so deep?
When I’d checked my grounds before making the leap.
 I wanted your friendship & nothing more
So why do you choose another door?
The closer you come the farther
I feel Laughing it all is the only way to conceal.
 The truth will hurt if you found out
That’s what this whole matter about
Your dedication is too much for me to stand
But how can I express the words to make you understand?
 Never wanted love or a thought of pain
I’d crossed those shores but never to remain
There were those gave more than you could
But I turned away the affection for the good.
 It’ll be cruel not to be unkind
Wise men said that love is blind
Emotions are better if they drift away
They trouble the waters & only lead astray.
 I really appreciate your concern & care
But give only as much to play fair
Friendship is all that you’ll ever get
More than this there will only be regret.

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