Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A Letter beside the Dying Amber

In the light of the amber that’s dying
There’s a letter written in ink that’s drying
Inked words that have no meaning
Words the heart wants to continue believing.
 Beside the dying amber there’s a pen that lies
The writer thinks of good words as he sighs
Words are always kind but they aren’t real
There are a dozen good wishes but it’s not the way he feels.
 Statements & kind words only become hollow with time
But lying to keep someone’s heart isn’t a crime!
Fill up pages speaking of love & care
 What really matters upon the unfolding you won’t be there!
 A letter will always be no matter how untrue
Fill it up with “best wishes” & “I love you” s
 As long as no one’s hurt it’s okay to pretend
After all anything’s worth keeping an old friend!

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