Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Cringing Away

Perhaps the truth should’ve been known
Shouldn’t have trusted a heart that could turn to stone
The best had been leeched out that’s for sure
But it gave no reason to make another life insecure.

 Accepted that tolerated enough & suffered in silence
Instead of rising degree it led to decadence
Patience, love & generosity should’ve filled the sphere
But just fears & cold emptiness abodes there.

 Leaned against the door scared to allow inside
The knock sounded lovely & tempted to confide
 Longed for the right one to erase the pain
But feared it all to end in vain.

 Displayed emotions that actually didn’t exist
Desired to prove strength beyond the fist
Despite the heart falling to crumbles inside
The pretty smile managed to save the pride.

 Insecurities within held back from reaching for the best
 Reason quietly laid the urges to rest
Scarred plenty to allow another slash
Leading the heart & mind to constantly clash.

 The heart yearned for a final try
But the mind refused to allow another cry
The soul needed a companion but the mind condemned to give in
 Holding a generous heart it labeled as a sin.

 It would’ve been easier to leave it all untouched
A sweet taste of it then desired much
When the trust had vanished due to that before
Should’ve never had called one to knock upon the door.


Anonymous said...

Hey...Am glad to be back after the restrained long break:)Am flattered you think I have good taste. But then it is after all to your blog that I come again, so it means that you write well too!

Did I tell you how beautiful are the pics you filch from th net and cascade around in your blog? If I haven't then I should-They are really beautiful. The one with the tears of blood has haunted me all week!I just had to come back and take a look at it again;)

Anonymous said...

Now let's come to the latest poem you have written here...As I must have mentioned before it is a very soothing change to read formal, simple rhyme which promises and delivers meanings that go beyond the form.

I thought today I'd tell you exactly which lines I like and why...I hope it doesn't bore ya too much;)

Displayed emotions that actually didn�t exist
Desired to prove strength beyond the fist
Despite the heart falling to crumbles inside
The pretty smile managed to save the pride."

Absolutely love these four lines-so complete in themselves as well as filling up the poem so succinctly:)

"Holding a generous heart it labeled as a sin."

I think people as a rule hold a generous heart as sin...and it settles in our minds as well...

And of course, the end...you have a certain morbid flair for denouement which I find highly intriguing....it's almost like a neat tying of the threads...and yet you keep coming back to those very same threads and weaving different patterns out of them.

--Ellipses M

Blackempress said...

THank u so much 4 the appreciation. the pics, all i an do is take credit for the selection.
At times i feel the comments r actually better written than the the wrtings themselves.
Do keep coming. its good to have gr8 readers(umm..writers 2)

Blackempress said...
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