Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Cycle To Death

I wonder why you fail to see that you’ve made your life hell
You know you do wrong-there’s no need to tell
You make a promise & break it each day
You say you’ll be good but don’t change your ways.
 I’m tired of explaining time & time again
You know how hard it’s been
 Despite all that you’re as stubborn as can be
Why do you keep forgetting how you’re losing ground quickly?
 Why must you sin & then attempt murder to hide evidence?
 All that had only lead to decadence
Imagine how good this life could’ve been
But here you’ve only shattered the dreams.
 How can you obtain peace without any pain?
How can you assume to stay forever sane?
Through your struggle you’ve taken a fall
You’re the last hero who can save or kill all.
 I understand that the prolonged fight has left you were
It’s courage from inside that you need to seek
Either win this battle or forever face gloom
Wake up while there’s still time or just enter doom!

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