Sunday, February 06, 2005

Trampling over the past

He puffed a cloud of smoke in the air
Another bombshell to lay the pastures bare
A whirlpool of memories turned to smoke
Easing a heart that would otherwise choke.

 Not just love but more was lost
A delightful life had been the cost
A big price to pay for nothing in return
Now in that only hellish fires burn.

 He goes into a retrospect of a decade
Analyzing what had caused the love to fade
Once a world was now ash in the hand &
Destiny’s labyrinth was too complex to understand.

 He sighed & folded his arms across the chest
The heart pounded too fast to rest
Too many regrets for such a short while
Took away all that could stir a smile.

 He wanted to forgive & just move on
But when were the dead ever reborn?
What was lost was gone for good
Happiness fled, stranding him where he stood.

 He looked out the window to wish upon a star
In the hearts of heart he wished joy wasn’t far
He didn’t believe in retrieving what was gone
Just needed a fresh start to simply move on.

 He knew time hadn’t been a friend
Left too many breaks for him to mend
He knew he’d boarded the nowhere train
& now needed a life before going insane.

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