Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A frame On the Wall

A picture on the wall hangs as a reminder of the old days. Its presence still raises a questioning eyebrow. It means nothing even though it had been of immense value once. It was the harvest of the hours of tending to the garden of human bonding. It was valuable & with good reason. The smiles on those faces brought a gush of good memories & a sense of companionship & serenity. A treasure too priceless to exchange! Just the reminiscing gave so much strength & the actual presence lifted the spirit to the peak. Such had been those days! Now it hung-perhaps just for recollection of the days gone. Maybe the heart longed for that kind of attachment again. Perhaps it hadn’t been removed & just remained. Maybe there was more to the story than that. Possibly the heart yearned to fill the spaces left behind. It may be trying to extract the last of the comfort the picture or its memories could provide. Maybe the eyes had grown used to the sight & wouldn’t like to displace it. The mind knew that there was nothing left of it yet could find little reason for leaving the picture that had no purpose anymore. Perhaps it was her face & the attractive features that kept it there. There could’ve been so many reasons. Well whatever the reason maybe the picture remains. Our smiling faces still linger in this room stirring the flashbacks from the time we knew the end of our road; but never failed to cherish the shared moments.

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