Sunday, February 13, 2005

Swept into illusion

Stabbed the heart to bleed to death
Waited in vain for the final breath
Sprawled near the bars of my prison I lay
But even death wouldn’t take me away.
 Drank till breathless, for the intoxication to kill
But immortality remained a vision never to be fulfilled
Sealed the lips to keep what was left of dignity
Fallen too far, to ever recover from insanity.
 Hoped some light to shine my way
But found no reason to wake at day
Remained on the ground lost in memory
Haze eluded vision making reality too hard to see.
 Sweat my blood to dull the pain
Prayed for the love to end in vain
Wanting to reveal, but scared to tell
Someone called abode, but was too addicted to ever leave hell.
 Bit by bit, I began to die
Angels took too long to hear my cry
Born too stubborn to ever tolerate intrusion
So escaped from reality, to live in illusion.


:..M..: said...

I liked the start and esp the way you ended it. To live in illusion. I believe that our reality is what we make it out to be..and illusion can be a reality too. It's just all about choices. You choose to live whatever your reality might be.

I ramble..sometimes!

Blackempress said...

Agred with ur poin of view..its not rambling..its logical..but cowardice to not face reality

find the pic from net..

:..M..: said...

Maybe it can be cowardice to not face reality. But accepting it is good enough. Right?

Anonymous said...

It's been so long since one came across formal rhyme...and what a nice break it is readin your poem:) The last line is particularly effective-a rounding off of logical reasons to shift into illusion:)Darkly beautiful.

Blackempress said...

I agree with ya "M". knowing that ur not in touch with reality shows that actually u r in touch but just dont want to deal with it. true it works!

Anonymous ..whixh i think form the writng is Ellipses M ..hpe im rite...thank u & i've been trying to take a peek at ur writings 2..seems like u have good taste.