Friday, February 18, 2005

The Dark Face Of Love

That nagging feeling that keeps recurring. A rational thought to chase it away. Voice inside insists "admit it!" No!! Please silence everything! A sigh devoured by the wind. The quiet beating of the heart. Flush on the face but veiled from the eyes. The lovely grin gave away the secret. Such a disappointment to be here. There were such high expectations. A string of dreams-the picture's changed now. Cling to those dreams before they fade.

 This couldn't have happened. Can't be more than an illusion. An induced fantasy after years of brainwashing. But why do these sensations go so deep? An adolescent's fantasy that has no base. The skies wait for u to soar through them. But this bloody human flesh won't commit. It's only familiar with the grave-untaught to fly.

 The traveling road is dark throughout. Look ahead into the pitch, turn back & it's still dark. Emotions are deaf-will never listen, So seal the lips to prevent the words from revealing. So unsure yet wish upon the desire. A desire that'll remain only a vision even if accepted by reality. A solemn need that'll go unattended. Would do no good to pretend either. A pleasant feeling to soar through the clouds, But not-so-pleasant to fall from the sky. Hang on to those dreams that'll carry you through this life, Cause human hearts will only bleed!!

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