Friday, February 04, 2005

Memories of yesterday

At times I wonder were you the only one for me? Were you the only one to cherish the person I was to be? The first & last person to love me for who I am? & never give up on me even if my life was a sham? At times I feel that I did wrong To resist a love that felt so strong But I know if given another chance I’d do the same I can’t ever learn the rules of this game. Sometimes I miss the life we left behind I know you were the best companion I’d ever find The one who knew best how I feel & for my sake put in so much zeal. At times I miss all the love & laughter All that happened before & what came after Was it really the last goodbye? Or will we be given another try? I want you to know that I love you & that I was always true Though these emotions I’d never be able to tell I want you to know that I sure miss you like hell!

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