Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The human connection

At times I wonder about our lives. The way we grow up & how we search for people all our lives; someone we could relate to, someone to understand us & listen when we need to be heard. From the cradle to the rocking chair, we constantly try to find the people who would love & accept us. It’s a miracle that we survive with so many disappointments. There are few fortunate who have their parents to look up to till they can stand on their feet & even fewer who have children who cherish them. For the others it’s a blessing if they find love to get them through life. It’s strange how we continue looking in places for a pair of kind eyes everywhere we seek. There are those who stumble & there are many; but we still return to the same lands to find something different. We continue to believe that the next time would be better. We run out of one arms only to return into them (or at least try to) or some that are similar to them. We take the greatest pain only to be accepted & tolerated by those we love. We forget that we too have something individual but we’re ready to make sacrifices. We’re willing to recreate ourselves into what our beloved would like us to be. We’re willing to handle the hurdles & walk miles only to be held in the comfort of the arms we adore. The human touch that heals & gives life is such an important factor keeping us alive. It’s what makes us pray at night for the beloved & give up ourselves for the betterment of families & societies.

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