Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A Cherished Life

Looking over the bridge of the dead years Scanning the faces filled with smiles & tears It’s a wonder how time flew so fast And just left memories to savor the past. Thanks for being the best parents that could be Giving me the best of life like good parents would Bringing me up with such love & care & when I needed you, thanks for being there. Thanks for the 24-hour shoulder From the beginning till I’m older Also thanks for the warmth when times got cold & for holding out when it was hard to hold. Thanks for this gift of life that I truly treasure & love you beyond measure For filling my life with such love & bliss I couldn’t ask for more than this. Thanks for making me who I am today I hope I will make you really proud someday, By proving you as the best man & wife, Justifying that I lived a cherished life.

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