Thursday, November 25, 2004

The woman

A woman to the world, but the heart of a child
Dignified & sober they thought but she longed to run wild
They thought she spoke but she had nothing to say
They reached to her in places when she’d gone far away.
 They thought she was hard, but she felt inside
hey thought she’d friends, but she never learnt to confide
She spoke with innocence but was labeled wrong
They thought her weak, but she was strong.
 They thought she laughed, but she feigned within
They assumed but couldn’t conjure what her life had been
She claimed to be no martyr or a saint
But resentful pictures of her they’d paint.
 They wanted her to be like the rest
She thought differently & wanted to be the best
So what they sought for her let her down
But she endured in silence with barely a frown.
 She was a child that longed to be fascinated with life’s wonders
To be born with a different perception was her only blunder
What pleased most people, she didn’t consider prime
So with a heart still youthful, she grew up far before time.

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