Monday, November 15, 2004

The immortal shadows

In the silence of this empty room
Two lovers have met their doom
Their shadows creep over the antique walls
Dancing to the music heard even down the halls.

 Two waltzing shadows merge into one
In their lives the way their souls had done
Joined & parted but never did separate
Now jealously & hatred led them to this fate.

 Arms go up as the faces bow
Lifted up, twirled then let down low
 Four arms join to merge into two
No spell could break a love so true.

 The lonely lovers lie on the ground below
While the shadows perform their all night show
When darkness falls, over the walls they creep
In the morning they return to sleep.

 They dance frantically across the room
Nothing comes in their way-not even doom
Their immortal souls were meant to be together
To dance away the nights forever.

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