Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Regret of life

So many regrets…too many to count now & increasing with the passage of time-yet I live! Without a purpose or heart I continue to breathe, sleep & still rise each new morn. Days get longer & the chores harder. The routine talking & walking became a burden too heavy to carry & waking much difficult. Drooped shoulders & a worn out face, just waved away as symptoms of fatigue. Too many eyes watching, to let go of life-just what this spirit seeks. Tried of shedding tears for unanswered prayers. Tired of breathing for a meaningless life. This spirit longed to fly but its wings were always battered. This mouth loved to smile but life gave sorrow only. Thought that it’d be over soon but the tunnel never ended. It still goes on. A strong psyche that learnt to sense before the happening kept the wrecked body going. And it went on hollow & embarrassed. Waiting for death in vain. Finally after many years of failed desires, it learnt that this life would be long-irrespective of poison or accident. Crippled it may get without doubt-physically & emotionally but it won’t receive any solace. This life would remain restless the way it’d always been. The boulder will get heavier till the top of the hill where it may finally fall & end the body’s miseries.

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