Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Well

Built a well but left it dry
To fill it with the tears I’d cry
Not knowing that pain would be
Just another part of me.

 Built it in a place that held
Not a single soul that dwelled
No one would come, so no one could see
How empty it was inside of me.

 World was hard & tears were weak
It had no place for the meek
So learnt to live without a sound
Where not a single tear was found!

 Years went on without solace
Lived well enough to harden the face
Emotions called but buried them in the sand
Futile it’d been to try to understand.

 Thought to fill it with the blood of the heart
But found that very difficult to depart
So once again left it dry
Till time could teach me how to cry.

 There was little hurt after learning to deal
That no one would care for the slightest feel
 Had to be tough & battle the humanity
People were selfish & would only pity.

 Till this day that well lives on
Somewhere in a place no one was born
Like from the start, it remains dry
Just because this body could never cry.

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