Wednesday, November 24, 2004

THe Immortal Existence

Love is a feeling
It is an art of healing
In the form of kind words & deeds
It’s the only thing that we really need.

 Where everything else falls
 Love shines through to stand tall
When all falls apart
 It’s the savior of the broken-heart.

 Invisible love has no meaning &
may take forever for someone to start believing Actions &
 words give love understanding &
comfort when the world becomes demanding.

 Hearts can be broken
When words are left unspoken
 A few kind words of admiration to someone
Could really complete a life left undone.

 A few words that say u care
A confirmation that you’ll be there
Is the greatest joy one could cherish
In good times & even when those perish.

 An emotion that’s deeper than the sea
A feeling as pure as can be
A light that’s brighter than the sun
Love’s a hope that gives life A reason.

 To love someone is the greatest state one can achieve
 To be loved is the best gift one could receive
Caring gives a motive to smile & the courage to complete the journey of a thousand miles.

 Mortality is fleeting
Clocks of the heart continue beating
 Invisible love might never die or rust
 But someone lonely might be lying beneath the dust.

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