Monday, November 15, 2004

Something deep inside

It’s a weird feeling, nothing pleasant though-a wave that sweeps over & ends the enthusiasm. It simply dulls it all till everything loses its meaning. All of it feels worthless & drab. There’s still something in you that tugs, to remind that it had some value at one time but then you cast it aside! Why bother with those little voices when the outcome is nil? They ask you if it hurts & despite your stone answer, that little voice squeaks a “yes”. Of course it does, but it’s not so important. But then what is? With or without your emotions the world carries on. So who’d care for a miniscule emotion of an unknown person? Not that it’d cause a revolution. Not that it was anything new. Everyone’s been through it. But still you care. If only something could chase it away. If someone could add another hue to the blues, it’d be better. At least this feeling would go away. This hurting feeling they call pain.

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