Saturday, November 27, 2004

Sotto Voce

For ages you put me in chains that I could not break But to keep you happy, those smiles I’d faked I wanted to run but had nowhere to hide Bit by bit, death devoured all that existed inside. For you I’d laughed then had cried all night Day after day, prayed that I could battle this fight Just like you, time did nothing to ease the pain So the soul died & even heaven sent no rain. Here’s a broken heart that uselessly beats on its own Without any desires, it journey’s alone Here’s a face wretched of smiles that once shone there Leeched of emotion, it carries on without a care. These lips are silent, but what difference does that make? The words went unheard even when they did articulate The eyes show nothing & have lost their shine Body functions mechanically, so might appear fine. Who was once regarded to turn out the best Unconsciously, has been quietly laid to rest Without a word & without a tear the soul departed & as it left, just the own body felt broken-hearted.

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