Sunday, November 28, 2004


So you thought that it would change within moments didn’t you? Come on, we’re older now. We’ve learnt to play games well. Admit that you thought it would be easy. Admit that you took me for a fool. Confess the truth & I’ll let you go on trying to fool me. I might even pretend that I believe you. I might just do as you ask, but at least own up. I don’t ask you anything else. I wish I could see behind the words you give me. I wish I could read the dirt in your mind. At least I’d know how I’m being exploited. Excuse me for being born innocent & naïve. I could never race with the sharp ones a long mile. I couldn’t manage to take further than the first step while I watched the others cut through the finish line. I knew those races were not for me. I was too simple & blunt to get anywhere. The rest of the world knew too much & shared very little. My case was vise-versa. I knew little & shared much. Foolish I had been from the beginning. Learnt that I was fragile & needed protection; which further brought my self-esteem down. I knew I wasn’t made to battle the world & least of all alone. I knew I’d get eaten up alive. I wasn’t fit to fight on my own. God only decided to place a heart in this body & bit of mind to keep that crazy beater in control. It never had much sense of its own. So that’s my life story. See I did it again! I wasn’t asked bout my life. I was supposed to be asking bout you. See that’s my problem, I forget what I was supposed to do & get all excited that someone’s listening to me. Oh well! Back to my old point, do you think that I’m really foolish? Oh I don’t think that was the subject of our discussion or was it? There, that’s going to be the end of it. Now I forgot the topic, so anyways Merry Christmas or whatever!

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