Sunday, November 28, 2004

Fallen Away

Look inside what do you see?
A heart as hollow as can be
Untouched by emotion to ever care
&just shrug off what seemed unfair
 Never had friends to learn how to deal
 Unconcerned to ever ask how it’d feel
 Thought that a position might earn me a place
Need no person to invade my space.
 Built my world within four walls
To hide away when shrank too small
Roofless home wasn’t bad for a start
Would pull through life by being smart.
 To carry on living didn’t find a reason
Too cool to care if put though treason
Found it easy to laugh through another’s pain
Turned & walked away without looking again.
 Wanted to care but didn’t get a chance
Wanted to love but didn’t find romance
Left stranded by reality to walk alone
So this poor little heart turned to stone.

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