Friday, November 26, 2004

A plea in the darkness

Wish you would come around if only for a while Wish you could see beneath this face that beguiles I live in darkness but that you cannot see Underneath these smiles lies a story of misery You don’t come around for your life keeps you occupied I only give words, but you fail to notice that I’d lied How I live you don’t care to find out That’s what makes me lie here & cry about. In the light I glow & in darkness I lay Like a child’s toy with this heart you play You don’t have time to lend an ear to confide One simple reason that makes me crumble inside. You give so many promises & nothing in the end For a bit of your time I continue to pretend Every promise you break, I hold out & reassure Damning myself as I leave through your door! Remember that it’s me when you come around When hard times come, it’s me who holds you above the ground Could it be that your blind & cannot see? Called to reality the only listener is me.

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